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Hello Friend! 

Southern Bell and Company

We exist to encourage, empower, and equip one another to become all we are created to be;

through in person events, media platforms, print publications, and thoughtfully designed products.

Our goal is to inspire each other to *love our people well, *create authentic community, and *make the ordinary – absolutely lovely.

Brandy Bell
Souther Bell and Company
The Little Teeny Farm

A little bit about me, Brandy Bell:

I’m a creative so there are at least 147 open tabs in my brain at any given time. They usually involve design/ art/ construction, writing/ blogging/ speaking. But don’t be surprised if llamas, pumpkins, or homemade granola pop up. My hobbies include baking, making, and booty shaking. I have been a writer and designer for a couple decades and have too may side hustles to mention.



To bring you

encouragement, creativity,

and inspiration for your

heart, home, and community.

My handy hubs and I bought the Little Teeny Farm (the LTF)

in 2014. It has a couple of barns and stables where we host our podcast, marketplaces, workshoppes, meetings,countless parties, and now a future TV Show.


We have 5 sons plus their beautiful families and a wide variety of co-dependent and slightly neurotic animals.


Our world is chaotic and rich and amazing, and I hope I can encourage you in your dream chasing and goal setting so you can live your best life too! 

Our Mission-

Love -BB


"Love your neighbor. Do good deeds."


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