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So. BELL & Co.?


So, why start So. BELL & Co.? Well the short answer is this: I am so desperately grateful that I have been blessed to provide for my family doing what I love, as a entrepreneur/designer/ artist/ writer, that I want to encourage other women to be brave, and chase their dreams, no matter how big. All without missing out on the good stuff of being a mom. 

We are ever evolving, but here are a few things we are currently involved in:

  • The vendors that are invited to our Annual So. BELL & Co. Fall Marketplace (here on our little teeny farm) get to come set up for free, but are asked to give 10 percent of their profits to one of our chosen charities that support single moms and moms getting their families out of unhealthy situations. 

  • We partner with area non-profits to meet needs in our community.

  • We actively engage in collaborations with other "mompreneurs".

  • The Speaker/ teachers at our So. BELL & Co. Workshoppes are working moms. Also the gifts we give at our Workshoppes are purchased from area “girl bosses”.

  • We host events and gatherings for women entrepreneurs and believe in the power of community.

  • And of course we hope to encourage, empower, and equip through our various media platforms.

  And that’s just the beginning.

I have big goals my friends,                                                           


Shortly after moving to Texas I found myself unexpectedly single with three little boys, my youngest was not quite two, and his brothers were six and eight. My family on the coast had strongly encouraged me not to make the move and I was too embarrassed to tell them they were right. So, pride in hand, I did what my dad taught me to do; dusted off my knickers and got to work. And in a city where we knew virtually no one, hundreds of miles away from any family, we built a new life. 


Hello “single mom-ness”. In the early years as I was building a new design business and clientele, I had to work at a retail clothing store to pay the bills. Because of the strict schedule and lack of flexibility I often missed out on important things with my boys. Guilt and exhaustion were the guiding emotions most days. One day I received a call from the school nurse that my middle son was running a high fever and that I needed to pick him up. When I let my manager know that I needed to leave early she reminded me that I already had two “tardies” and that if I took a third, I would lose my job. Feeling ashamed I called the school nurse back and asked could Alex stay in her office for two more hours until I could leave work to come get him. I still cannot explain the intensity of emotions I felt that day. Knowing my 6-year-old needed his momma and I could do nothing about it was excruciating. I was torn between “Take this job and shove it!” and don’t be a hot head you still have to feed your baby ducks. So, fighting tears I finished my shift and determined to change things. 


Raising three boys on my own toughened me up but it also shaped my heart in so many ways. And that particular day was a game changer for the trajectory of my life. After almost 15 years as a single mom I married my price charming. But my heart for single and working mamas has never changed. And to this day we are still trying to find new ways to love and support those that need us, however we can.

Well enough about me. I would love to know your story! Please email us with any stories that you believe would inspire other women and we will share them on our social media platforms!

 Big southern hugs, Brandy Bell

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