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you might not  know about me

  •  I talk to animals. All of them. Out Loud. Don’t go to a zoo with me unless   you REALLY don’t care what people think.

  • I love to sing Disney songs. When my boys were young and they would fight  in the backseat I would start belting The Little Mermaids “Part of your World” until they stopped.

  • I love art. All types. And could spend all day in museums.

  • Randomly, I taught Salsa lessons for one hour a week for a couple of years at a Casino in CT. Pretty sure I was a volunteer come to think of it. Hmmmm. I also made my boys learn swing and ballroom dance in the kitchen when they were growing up. 

  • I am a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan.

  • I love archeology and ancient Egyptian history. I know I would have been BFF’S with Howard Carter. I am still kinda too chicken, but one day I will go visit the great pyramids. Probably when I am too old to accidentally land myself in an Egyptian prison for doing something I had NO idea I was doing. Like talking to a sacred animal.

  • If I did not live in West Texas I would probably be a Pescetarian.

  • One time I was black smoked (google it) by a huge diesel pickup while driving my little roadster with the top down. He was a bully. I thought it was a good idea to get in front of him at the next light and when the light turned green I chunked my Chick-fil-A milk shake behind me. (This was long ago) Then I went and hid in a neighborhood. 

  • I was a raw bartender. And I can still shuck like a man. 

  • I always appreciate the strategic usage of salty language but not on Sundays. Never on Sundays

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