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This book was created to be simple to use. We have enough vying for our attention every day. So, think of this as little refreshing sips from a well that you can enjoy each day. It is set up in twenty itty bitty sections, with four categories in each. “Something to Think About,” “Something to Try,” “Something to Believe” and “Something to Give.” Category 1, Something to Think About, is just what it says; a quote and some observations to get you thinking. Category 2, Something to Try, is a simple activity that can add copious amounts of joy to your life. Category 3, Something to Believe, is a scripture verse to hide in your heart, to help build a foundation of joy from the source itself. I recommend reading these out loud. And the last category is, Something to Give. It could be my favorite. I love encouraging others, and this is an easy way to spread joy to your people.

"Destined For More" 

A Broken Girl's Journey of Chasing Dreams and Killing Giants

By Brandy Bell

Out Now!

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Victoria Duerstock

Heart & Home

For Christmas

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