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January 7-9, 2022

What if 3 days could change everything?

Hello friends. We couldn't be more excited about this opportunity to come together with you again, as we have fun learning small strategic steps, that will help us become our best selves and create our best year ever. 



It's up to us to courageously fight to become all we are designed, called, and gifted to be. -P3 @nonuetralmoments

A bit of what we you can expect through the weekend:

We will learn ways to: *set ourselves up for our best life *discover and strengthen our values *simplify without sacrificing *create a calm home *improve our health *find rest *become more confident *set priorities & goals *discover joy *take back our schedules *combat stress *intentionally chase big dreams *break bad habits *make healthy friendships *face hard decisions *love our life and our people the best we can *plus so much more

And . . . you will eat great, belly laugh, be pampered, get gifts, breath deep, feel encouraged, and give yourself some much needed “you” time!

Your Daily Agenda

Friday 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

(Please plan to arrive promptly @ 1:00 PM)


1:00 PM

Welcome Party.

Enjoy some light refreshments as you meet your “Workshoppe sisters” and learn how amazing you are!

1:30 PM

Workshoppe introduction with Brandy Bell.

Receive your adorable tote and weekend supplies. Discuss how to set ourselves up for the good stuff.

Learn the afternoons flow chart.

1:45 PM

Receive your “All the Best” Field guide- workbook.

Begin Opening Session- Overview the four-part framework. Learn the importance of and difference between

values - priorities - goals. Setting them all.

Discuss why it sets us up for success to create a vision for the year that is simple to follow through with. 

2:45 PM

Transition Time. Move to Big Barn. Put away things in your "Grown Up Cubby".

Find your seats and Welcome Gifts.

3:00 PM

Session - Establishing and Cultivating Core Values. Creating Priorities. Goal/ Intention Setting.

Creating Mission Statements. Discovering your Why.  

4:15 PM

Session - Habit formation. Creating Healthy practices and breaking bad habits.


5:00 PM

Sips and Savories Hour in the Big Barn with a make your own Charcuterie Bar!

Watch a fun charcuterie demonstration and then create your own at the DIY charcuterie bar

on your personalized serving board!

Experience the magic, fill your belly, and learn how to set up your own for

celebrations and family gatherings, while sipping a gourmet fizzy soda or Rose'. 


Your Daily Agenda

Saturday 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

(Please plan to arrive promptly by 8:50 AM)

9:00 AM

Session- Prioritizing our daily activities.

What's important, What's Not, and how to create rhythms with our time.

10:00 AM

Session- Women supporting women.

Battling the comparison that holds us back from truly embracing one another.  -with Nikki Waller.

10:45 AM

Restroom and refreshement break. Transition to Stables.

11:00 AM

Session- Welcome to the SPA: Coping with Stress.

Deep breathing, stretch healing, and quiet time for self-care. -with Melinda McReynolds

11:45 AM

Session- Finding Joy + Dreaming Big.

How do fill our wells and fuel our joy, so that we can pour out on others.

How can we be brave and have big dreams for ourselves. -with Brandy Bell.

12:30 PM

Gourmet catered lunch. Plus . . . A Juice bar and Kombucha tasting.  Also . . .Prize time!

1:00 PM

Session- Nutrition . . .Facts and Myths.  Simple and easy to remember

ways to start transforming your health. -with Melinda McReynolds

1:45 PM

Session- The importance of creativity in the battle over stress and worry.

This is a lighthearted but very informative session on the power of play and creativity

and bonus . . . you leave with a pretty amazing work of art! -with Brandy Bell

2:15 PM

Refreshment and Restroom Break

3:00 PM

Session- The Power of Visualization. Why what you think is the most important thing you can control.

An introduction to nueroplasticity and psycho-Cybernetics.

3:45 PM

Session: Finding your Confidence.

In a world trying to make us question who we are, it’s time we step into our roles boldly.

-with Special Guest speaker Jaslyn Kwayu, "The Confidence Coach"

4:15 PM

Transition to Main House. Restroom break.

4:30 PM

Golden Hour- High Tea, crowning, and awards.

Closing talk and charge. This is a beautiful, fun, and bittersweet time, as we close our weekend together and give gratitude for all we have learned and the relationships we have made.

Bonus Sessions

Sunday 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

(Please plan to arrive promptly by 12:50 PM)

1:00 PM

Session: Dreaming Big Expanded

So you have an idea . . . Whether that’s finding ways to be a philanthropist or starting a new business. This will be an informal conversation about how to know if and when it’s time to execute your vision. And if so, where the heck do you start.

-with Brandy Bell

2:00 PM

Session: Building a stronger marriage.

Kyle and Brandy share some of their practices from “The Marriage Renovation”. Tactics you can easily implement, plus a fun conversation on why marriage can be hard but totally rewarding if you can find ways to intentionally fortify it. And, what to do when your husband won’t put the toilet seat down.

3:00 PM

Session: Intentionalism in your home.

Clearing the clutter. Simplifying. Easy organizing strategies including a nightly “reset” strategy. And creating a cozy-clean vibe that everyone will want to be in. -with Jessi Russo.

Your Teaching Team


Brandy Bell - Author, Designer, Producer, Entreprenuer

-Founder of Southern Bell and Company


Jessi Russo - The Maximized Lifestyle


Nikki Waller - Personal Coach


Melinda McReynolds Holistic Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer

Guest Speaker- 

Jaslyn Kwayu - The Confidence Coach



What's Included:

*A handmade gift and Invitation

delivered to your door.

*A So. Bell working copy of

"All the Best,  A Field Guide to Becoming You".

*More than $250.00 worth of carefully curated gifts

 and prizes including exclusive gifts from local #girlbosses,

and everything you need to map out your 2022.

* Gourmet Snacks each day, Catered lunch on Saturday,

juice bar, plus two fabulous themed party hours.


*13 Fun interactive Sessions and Priceless teaching

from amazing local entrepreneurs and leaders.


*Teaching Materials from all Sessions.

     * Intentional time to refresh and Focus on what's important

so that you can create your Best Year + Best You

*Plus . . . some amazing new friends!

Your Personal Investment

If you are a past attendee, you can reserve

for $300.00 and pay balance the day of.

Limited Seating.

Pay with Venmo @sobellandco

or click the button to use paypal and fill in amount to secure your spot!


Do to the current healthcare enviroment we will still be limiting available spaces to 15. 


Early Bird Rate
(ends 12/01/21 )


Regular Rate:


We Are Full Friends!


Because of the amount of work and personalization that goes into our events we cannot offer a refund, however you are more than welcome to sell or gift your space to someone else.


***And as always, we will be offering a donated seat to a single mom in our community.

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