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Field Notes Entry 107. Paper Clay Cut Glass Ornaments

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

There is currently a large selection of air-dry clays on the market. I think most of them are easy to work with and are fairly versatile. However, there is one that seems to stand out from the crowd for a multitude of reasons.

1) It breaks less. Something about the formula makes it more durable. It has a bit of give to it once it’s dry. 2) It seems to hold impressions a bit better than your standard air dry. 3, It feels lighter when dry than most. And my favorite reason of all, #4 . . . It paints almost exactly like watercolor paper!

Here is one simple way you can create with this fun material.

Supplies for Ornaments:

  1. A variety of cut-glass bowls.

  2. “Creative Paperclay” brand air dry clay.

  3. Rolling Pin.

  4. Cookie Cutters

  5. Ribbon, cord, or your choice of hanger.

  6. Hot Glue.

  7. A skewer to make holes if desired.


  1. Roll out a fist sized portion of clay on a clean dry surface or wax paper.

2. Use your glass bowls to make lovely patterns in the clay.

3. Use your choice of cookie cutters to create desired shapes.

4. Let Dry.

5. Use a skewer to create a hole to tie a ribbon or hot glue your choice of hanger on ornament.

6. Hang somewhere in a cluster, on your tree, or these make perfect gifts and gift tags!

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