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Fiels Notes Entry 108. DIY No Sew Chunky Knit Throw.

Updated: Aug 9, 2021


  1. Take the end of yarn and make a loop.

2. Pull the longer strand through the back of the loop and tighten. Continue this process until a chain forms, try to keep chains as even as possible

3. Once you get to the end of your first row, flip your last loop up, and pull the longer strand through.

4. Continue this process going back down the row forming a chain of “bunny ears” make sure they stay the same size.

5. Pull through end loops twice before beginning a new row.

6. On the last row, take two loops and pull the long strand through.

7. Take the new loop, connect it to the next one over, and pull the longer strand through, continuing until the end of the row. (If you’re doing it right it you should start to see a chain form.)

8. Tie off end loop, and you're done! (When you run out of yarn, just tie another on the end and keep going!)

This is simple and beautiful, so enjoy the process and the product! Be sure to tag us in your pictures on social media! We would love to see what you’ve made. @sobellandco on IG & FB

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