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Field Notes Entry 109. Cocoa Bomb-Pops

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

As with many hot chocolate connoisseurs we have been bitten by the “cocoa bomb” bug. They are just pretty magical. So, we wanted to try our hand at making a few here at the Little Teeny Farm. And instead of presenting you with yet another version of the standard round cocoa bomb, we opted for a So. Bell & Co. inspired version that comes with its own handy dandy Stirring stick.

They were fairly easy to make, incredibly fun to consume, and impossibly delicious.

If you make your own cocoa bomb-pops, be sure to tag us in your photos on social media @sobellandco


Silicone Cake-sickle mold.

Milk chocolate bark. Any brand will do.

Candy Canes. We used hot cocoa flavored.

Marshmallow bits. Our Favorite are the Jet-Puffed Bits Vanilla Marshmallows. (You can snag the for a great price at

Your favorite brand of hot chocolate mix, or hey, be an over achiever and make your own.


1. Cut the “hook” portion off the candy canes.

2. Slide into silicone mold

3. Coat inside of mold with about a tablespoon of melted milk chocolate bark. Be sure to get it all around and under the candy cane.

4. While the chocolate is still wet, add marshmallow bits.

5. Let Dry, then carefully remove from mold. Set aside.

6. Coat the silicone mold a second time. Make sure it is pretty thick and even. I used a skewer to continue to work it up the sides as it was drying.

7. Let second mold dry and then remove.

8. Fill empty shells with hot cocoa mix. Fill just below the rim. Do not overfill.

9. Heat up a small plate or dish in the microwave. I used a ramekin. Turn the candy cane chocolate shell over and gently rub it in hot dish to slightly melt. Immediately flip it and top the shell filled with cocoa. Let dry.

10. You can go back and add a bit of melted chocolate to any gaps in the seams.

11. Let dry then drizzle with white chocolate and your favorite sprinkles.

To enjoy, simply place the cocoa bomb pot in a mug and top with ½ to ¾ cup of heated milk. Stir until combined. Hope you enjoy this clever twist on a new classic!

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