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Brandy Bell


       Hello Friend! First of all, Thank you soooooo much for visiting So. BELL & Co. I hope while you are here you learn a little something new that brings you unexpected joy.  

       A little bit about me: My name is Brandy Bell, I used to be a mermaid. Ok that’s not true but I AM from the ocean. Virginia Beach, VA / Cape Hatteras, NC originally . I grew up barefoot and sandy. When my children were young we lived in other beach communities including Hawaii and Connecticut, so the coast is very much a part of my heart. Then 16 years ago we landed in West Texas. And while we have plenty of sand, the ocean is far far away. However our fabulous people and natural desert beauty make up for the missing shore line. (Also my career entails lots of travel so I am never go too long without a little salt water fix.)

I come from a long proud line of builders and designers. My dad, grandfather, great grandfather… were all in the building industry in VA. I have been blessed with my own interior design/ decorating business for a little over 2 decades, specializing in renovations and new construction all over Texas. I appreciate all design styles and have always loved the opportunity to challenge myself. My personal style would probably be a mixture of coastal colonial, vintage cottage, farmhouse, with maybe a dash of French influence. Kinda like Rocky Road ice cream. I love all things antique, reclaimed, and historical. Anytime that I can help a client repurpose something that is a part of their history or is special to them, I do so. It makes my heart super happy. I did a fair share of moon lighting as an artist and muralist when my boys were younger to pay for extras as a single mom. I still love art and I also love to write. So my Blog “Ramblings of a Rebel” has proven to be a great creative outlet.

       I am married to the kindest, most patient man ever.  He also has some wood working skills which is a total bonus. But best of ALL he does not question me when I am driving a crazy train.  He just jumps right on. We work well that way.  When I told him I wanted to buy a mini farm with horse stables and barns so I could expand my business, he gave me full support even though we are not farmers and we own not a horse. He truly is a saint folks.  Most days I call him Kyle or, Luv. But some days he’s Carl. That’s how voice texting spells it because of my dialect. So I have adopted it for the times when I am feeling sassy or aggravated at him. But most days I think he hung the moon. 

       Together we have 5 boys. Well men. Actually some days they act more like boys. We have a beautiful daughter in law that puts up with us all as well. We have two rescue dogs, Ginger and Gator who I love SO STINKIN’ MUCH!!!! We also have a bird we inherited when my sweet mama went to be with Jesus. His name was Sammy but now his name is Juan Samuel because, well I’m not sure why. I will be getting chickens soon, I am already thinking of fabulous names.

       So that about covers it. If you made it this far… You win!!! You’re my new best friend. And I hope that in some small way I can encourage you, believe in you, and help remind you that you are a big beautiful life of amazingness! 


     Thanks for joining me on this journey.